This is a very useful program to transcode .DTS or DTS WAV back to it's 6 mono
was. As you know DTS is a lossy format, so after transcoding it's not adviced to
encode the 6 wavs again, because this will lead to a loss in quality. But... MLP
is lossless encoding, so it can be useful to encode the 6 wavs with MLP and put
them on a DVDA. Because you can put more albums on a DVDA, it saves discs !
The program is a commandline utitlity and the package contains instructions how
to use it. You can download it here : Tranzcode 4.0B


Although there are no new methods since ages on the Doom9 site, the list with
links to almost everything surround related is very worthful and contains a huge
amount of links where you can read all about all kinds of surround.
Surround Links


As told in the introduction, it was my friend Francisco who gave me some guide-
lines how to start making surround. Although he was very brief with his instruc-
tions, I managed to figure it out and my first method was made. This method
started it all and after publishing it on Doom9 it became the most visited
thread in the audio encoding section. From that point on, several people started
inventing other methods and the final result with the best methods is this site.
My first method was not based on Plogue : it wasn't even invented back then !
Everything was done in Cooledit and it was pure Ambisonics. The method still
gives fine results on especially acoustic instruments, with a very bright and
clear sound. Although the method is long rewritten in Plogue, I thought it would
be nice to keep it online.
You can download it here : AMBISONICS WITH COOLEDIT


Website, Methodes en Guides by The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo : Kempfand & Eye of Horus
It is NOT allowed to publish them anywhere else!
A Method consists of the layout AND guide.
Of course you can use them for your personal use.