SSAMB (07-2009)


This bidule is not based on seperation but more on the soundfield. Implemented
are some of the finest techniques that are based on the ear-brain co-ordination.
The rears in this bidule are far lower in volume than in any other. This bidule
is more for the purists that want to change as little as possible from the
original stereo. Basically it steers the ambience of the recording to the rears
and our brains fool our ears into a sense of surround. Our advice is to use this
one on classical pieces and others that don't give good separation. On some
classical music it did an excellent job and it also works very well in music
where there are more voices, but voices that won't separate to separate speakers.
Music like some of the Crosby, Still and Nash songs with only the voices and the
acoustic guitars. Here it does a marvellous job. A similar routine is used on
quite some Live Music DVD's, but than the reverb is placed in the rears.
This one does a better job !
Let's face it : when you listen to a band, you expect to hear it in front and
not as if you are a bandmember, sitting between the other members. So this bidule
provides you with more reality than effects, but still in surround !

Needed software

Because all software is already downloaded in one of the previous layouts, we
won't repeat it here.
The SSAmb bidule can be downloaded here : SSAMB



1. The input processor

This is similar to all others. You can chose to let Bidule handle the DC Offset
removal or feed it with already processed stereo. And you can change the input
volume when clipping might appear.

2. The main processor

- Width Setting : you can play with the slider to make the fronts wider or more
narrow. The default is the optimal value for the routine.
- Optional Forward Dominance : The default value is not the recommended value,
but we believe this will suit your taste more. The optimal value is +3.8920 Db.
To get you used a bit to the sound we used 0 Db. Move it to the right to hear
the differences...
- Average Speaker distance from Center to Listener. Default value is 2.7 meters
and actually this is the value that gives the best results. Playing a converted
song on 4 meters will still have the same effect. But just as usual just
experiment with the setting.
- Additional Bass Boost. This is now standard in almost every bidule.

Don't forget this is an Ambisonics based method and thus no gains should be
applied after the process but just before the filerecorder.Try to get the ideal
values by playing with the sliders. If you're not satisfied, you can also try
to add a pregain for the left and right of the stereo instead of one pregain for
both channels. See other methods and the teaching.bidule for how to do this.
Happy encoding !!


Layout and Guide by The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo : Kempfand & Eye of Horus
It's not allowed to republish this method ! !