Make music DVD’s with DVD Architect

Although this guide is for DVD Architect 1.0, you can use it with version 4 too.

Imagine you have a lot of Music DVD's with video, but don't want to watch every
time, but listen only. Then this is the ideal guide because you can put the
music only of between 14 and 18 DVD's on ONE ! Of course you can do that in
Maestro too with DTS streams, but for AC3's and a large amount of streams, this
program is more handy. You need a program like Paintshop if you want to use
coverart or your own made artwork, like I do here, but it's not necessary when
you use text only or the graphic possibilities inside DVD Architect.

Start DVD Architect and this screen appears :

This method is not the only one, but is just an example.
In the options menu, chose snap to objects and snap to safe area :

Let’s start making a music DVD with two albums.
Click on Main menu :

Press F2 and change the text into “Music DVD” :

Click somewhere on Screen and move the textbox to the top until It snaps to the
dotted line of the safe area. Make it as wide as the safe area :

You can use whatever background, but let’s take a simple black one by pressing
the red cross :

And we now get this :

Goto the menu “insert” and chose “Submenu” :

Scroll it up and down a bit and you’ll see that it snaps to “Music DVD”.

Now go to the Page properties on the right side and chose Object. The page now
shows the Object properties :

We’re using a small picture of the cover as thumbnail :

As you see,

it doesn’t fit well into the small rectangle, so we remove the borders by
deselecting “Enable Frame” :

Click on the words “New menu” and replace that with the text “John Fogerty
Premonition”, which is the title of the Album. To do that, select the
textbox and press F2. Now you can replace the text with whatever you want. You
will see that after you inserted the text, it’s hardly readable. So enlarge the
box till it is readable.

Then press on the “S” to deselect it and press on “B” to make the font Bold.
After that press on the white rectangle next to Edit Text and change the color.
I chose Yellow here :

Now add a second submenu the same way :

Now double click on “John Fogerty Premonition to make your first music
Compilation. You get a new blue screen with “New menu” on it and a small arrow
at the bottom. Delete the “new menu” and make the Screen black again :

Select the arrow and go to the Object properties, to change the arrow into
another one. Chose “Predefined image” :

and take an arrow you like and that’s better visible and move it to the bottom
left till it snaps to the safe area lines . Also make it smaller :

Now we will insert a large graphic of the cover :

It comes on screen as a small picture. Drag it to the upper right corner and
enlarge it so that it snaps to the safe area lines. Now enlarge it to the left,
just before you see it moving to the left. This is how it should look :

And finally we can insert a “music compilation “ :

Press on the red rectangle and delete it. Then select the box with “music
compilation” and with F2 change the text to “PLAY” :

Make the box wider, so that it snaps left to the safe area, right to the picture
of the cover and drag it down till it snaps to the arrow. Do the same now with
the box with the arrow and enlarge both a bit. On the insert menu chose “Insert
text”. You get a textbox. I placed some information about the alum in it :

Double click on play and you come to a screen with a mini browser at the bottom.
Select the AC3 files from the album there and drag them into the right window :

As you see they are not in the right order. Select 22 track 17 and drag it
between track 16 and 18. When the order of the songs is correct, we go back one
screen :

Select the second album and repeat the steps to add a music compilation.
Finished ? press F9 to preview your first music compilation with 2 albums. On
screen (and the telly) it looks like this :

Select the Otmar Liebert album :

Press the arrow to go back to the main menu and select Premonition :

Select Play and the first songs starts playing with the title on screen :

Nice, huh ?
But what we miss is a list of all the songs, so we can see what’s on the album
and select our favorite track. Finish preview mode and go to the music
compilation screen. Select track one. At the bottom in the left screen , change
the font to Arial, the size to 16 and select “B” and “S”. Now enlarge the box
to the right and left until it snaps. Make the box smaller, just before the text
in the box becomes smaller too and drag the whole box to the top till it snaps
again :

Select the box and press CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+V (paste). A new entry with
the same title comes on screen. Drag it till it snaps to the first one. Repeat
this till your screen is filled with title one :

Here you have the screen with 12 times the same title. In the right screen click
on track 02. The title appears on the left screen at the bottom. Select it and
press CTRL+C (copy). Go back to track one. Select the second line with 01 Born
on the Bayou. Press F2 and CTRL+V (paste). You’ll see that the title changes to
02 Green River. Goto track 3 and do the same till you have done all the tracks
this way.

Now when you press track one you should have this screen :

Select one track, press CTRL+A (select all) and CTRL+C (copy). Go to track 2 and
you see the title on the bottom . select it and DELETE it. Press CTRL+V and the
complete tracklist is now on track 2 too.

Do this for all 12 tracks :

When it’s done select track 12 . Change the color from white to another color.
I again chose Yellow here . Goto track 11 in the right screen, select it in the
left and change the color. Do this for all the tracks.

When you’re finished, goto track 13 and start this whole procedure again with the
tracks 13-24. Now goto the main screen and press F9 to preview. Select
Premonition, select play and the first song starts playing.

When it’s finished, track 02 starts playing :

As you see, with every track change, the color changes to yellow so you see what
track is playing. Now do the same for the second album and your first Music
Compilation DVD is ready !
Now go to the file menu and chose Make DVD :

Give in the directory where you want to have your DVD files and it starts com-
piling them into an AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directory. You can use Nero to burn
the Video_TS onto a video DVD.
BTW on the bottom right you see how much space your masterwork takes on a DVD :

This info is completely INCORRECT !
Just make your DVD and compare the size with what it says there. You’ll see a
big difference as the actual DVD is a lot smaller. Keep that in mind and save
and use make DVD regularly ! It should not exceed 4.37 GB !

A few tips :
- thumbnail size : a height of 120 pixels is fine
- coverart : a height of between 360 and 400 is fine
- On the final DVD you cannot fastforward in a track and have to use previous
and next track on the remote control to navigate
- Be creative and experiment a lot !
- Add for instance a menu where you can select a song....

Well, I hope this gives you an idea how to get started !


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