As you might have noticed : Ambisonics gives a far better, cleaner and brighter
sound than any of the separation methods. So we made a layout in which you can
load the outcome of a separation method and get it back with Ambisonics sound !
It's not a standalone method, you always need to input a 6MCH wav and if you wish
you can integrate it in any other method, as you will see later.....

Needed Software

Download Ambiwrapper here : AMBIWRAPPER
Unpack and place the Ambiwrapper in the layouts folder of Plogue Bidule.


Very very simple. ;-)
Make a 6ch file with a non-Ambi method.
Feed this into the bidule and save.
Ready !
The layout :

Tweak 1 :

Use the preset that comes closest to your speaker setup. Ideal setup would be
something like this..... :

Tweak 2 :

Use the decoder Forward Dominance to determine how much you will have steered to
the fronts. Slider to the right : more sound in the fronts. Slider to the left,
less in the fronts.
Tweak 3 :

Average speaker distance to listener. This is the distance from the Center
speaker to the listener.
And last (first) but not least : Gain for all channels.
Check with the RMSBuddies if your file doesn't clip in any channel. If it does
lower the gain.

happy converting !


Layout and Guide by The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo : Kempfand & Eye of Horus
It's not allowed to re-publish this method !